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At the heart of everyone is health, vitality, energy & kindness

Looking for a new challenge? A purposeful way to get fitter and healthier? A training programme that is sustainable and not just a quick fix?

At the heart of optimal health and fitness is good postural and breathing habits. Adventures in Movement will help you address breathing pattern disorders and postural imbalances, improve walking and running technique, increase endurance, build strength and bring a sense of power and fluidity to movement. Consequently improving self-confidence, reducing pain and risk of injury.

Choose from personal coaching sessions, Chi Running and Oxygen Advantage workshops, courses, masterclasses or retreats. All of which are designed to motivate and help you discover true enjoyment in your training and ultimately your everyday life. And if you’re interested in becoming a Chi Running or Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Adventures in Movement facilities these trainings for the UK.

Upcoming events

Chi Run Club 1/2 marathon training programme

February 25 | 9:30am11:30pm

Chi Running Advanced Technique Weekend

March 3 | 11:00amMarch 4 | 5:00pm

Yoga Triathlon: Chi Run, Yoga, Meditation

March 4 | 2:00pm4:30pm

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Our programmes are systematically developed following a simple three-step approach



Create space in your life to dedicate to practice. It is important to set time aside for yourself. Find space in mind and body to allow things to happen.



Learn common sense techniques. There will always be a reason why we ask you to do something. Focus on awareness and body sensing.



Keep it simple. New trends and ideas come and go, some work others don’t. Keeping it simple to ensure a common sense approach.