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1-day Chi Running Workshop

Next workshop: Sunday 8 July  |  9:30am–4pm
£95 for the course
Learn simple drills, exercises and visualisations to improve your running. Work on postural alignment, efficient breathing and balance. Includes individual outdoor video observation of your form and outdoor practice. Suitable for all levels of runner and all fitness levels.

Personal Training

Book a 1-2-1 or small group personal training session with one of our specialist trainers. Weight training, Pilates, Chi Running and walking coaching, Oxygen Advantage breathing technique, nutritional therapy, functional fitness. Exclusive use of our boutique training studio in the heart of Hornsey.

The Oxygen Advantage

Reduce breathlessness during exercise by addressing breathing pattern disorders. Practice simple breathing exercising including nasal breathing and breath-pausing to help improve fitness levels. Attend a one-day masterclass or three-day teacher training in London with the author and founder Patrick McKeown working with our coach, Gray Caws.

Free Health & Fitness Consultation

Book your free 30-minute consultation with one of our trainers to discuss your health & fitness goals. Or call 020 3239 9244.

Join one of our new Thursday evening HIIT & HISS or Mat Pilates classes.

Each class has a maximum of 4 clients to ensure you get plenty of individual guidance.


Thursdays 6:30–7:15pm | £15 drop in

Increase energy, boost metabolism, improve muscle tone and reduce body fat.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and High-intensity steady-state training (HISS) is a quick, fun way to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness. The class start with 15-minute preparation focusing on technique then 20 minutes of HITT/HISS, closing with a 10-minute relaxation and recovery. 

Mat Pilates Class

Thursdays 7:30–8:30pm | £25 drop in

Develop strength and flexibility, improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility.

Pilates improves general fitness and wellbeing, emphasising core strength, concentration and breathing. The quality, control and flow of movement is at the heart of the practice. It can reduce your risk of injury and is also an excellent way of relieving stress and tension.

Personal Training, Pilates, Chi Running, Oxygen Advantage, Nutritional Therapy

Choose from 1-2-1 sessions, small group classes and workshops. Our coaches design programmes that motivate and help you discover a true passion for your training. And if you’re interested in becoming a Chi Running or Oxygen Advantage Instructor, we facilitate these trainings for the UK & Ireland.

At the heart of everyone is health, vitality, energy & kindness

Our Promise

There are no quick fixes. And if there seems to be, they only work for a while. Achievement is not only monitored by fitness goals but also by emotional well-being.

Our Guarantee

If you are dedicated to your practice, our expert coaches are on hand with the relevant skills and knowledge to empower you to realise your potential.
So here’s our promise, we are NOT going to offer you a quick fix. And here’s our guarantee, if you are willing to dedicate yourself to a simple training philosophy, Adventures in Movement will help empower and guide you to realise your potential. You’ll improve technique, increase endurance, build strength and develop a greater sense of power and fluidity in your movement. You will gain self-confidence, reduce the risk pain and injury and bring enjoyment to your practice. 

Our programmes are systematically developed following a simple three-step approach



Create space in your life to dedicate to practice. It is important to set time aside for yourself. Find space in mind and body to allow things to happen.



Learn common sense techniques. There will always be a reason why we ask you to do something. Focus on awareness and body sensing.



Keep it simple. New trends and ideas come and go, some work others don't. Keeping it simple to ensure a common sense approach.