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The sense and simplicity of a mindful practice

More often than not when I talk to people about the idea of a mindful practice I’m met with a blank stare. The word mindfulness or a mention of meditation and body-sensing can actually be off-putting for some. Does this mean spending hours a day sitting in a darkened room avoid any thoughts or sensations of any kind? But perhaps if we understood a little more, incorporating each into our daily routine could add a whole new dimension to training.

Over-breathe, under perform

Over-breathe, under perform

A chance to revisit a piece written in 2008 by Robin McNelis, Respiratory Physiotherapist. “Nose breathing technique will limit you to running at the top level of your aerobic zone which is about 80% of your maximum heart rate and the most efficient level to do most of your training at for distance running.”

Connecting Movement and Breath

The Oxygen Advantage practice of reduced breathing at rest (taking less air into the body) without creating tension or restricting the breathing muscles, helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, regeneration, recovery, earthing, gathering energy).

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