Get the Oxygen Advantage

Simple, scientifically-proven breathing technique to reduce breathlessness when exercising and improve functional everyday breathing

The Oxygen Advantage is one of the best books that I have read this entire year… one of my favorite books in the world actually.


Ben Greenfield, author of The New York Times Best-seller book, Beyond Training


1-day practical workshop


  • Learn the science of breath 
  • Functional breathing assessment
  • Address functional breathing patterns
  • Exercises to improve aerobic fitness
  • Exercises to improve VO2 max
  • 50-minute breathing ‘workout’


  • Breathe easier during exercise
  • Sleep better
  • Address everyday dysfunctional breathing
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • includes 2 x 30-minute live Zoom group conference calls.


3-days practical training + online


  • with Patrick McKeown 
  • Teach individuals or groups a unique proprietary breathing program with many applications to improve sports performance
  • Learn 11 sports breathing exercises and protocols


Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training
Vibe Personal Training Studios
1-day Oxygen Advantage Masterclass
Vibe Personal Training Studios

Breathe easier during exercise, improve cardiovascular fitness, sleep better, reduce stress, increased energy and concentration

Learn it

Join a masterclass with Patrick McKeown and/or Gray Caws to learn simple exercises that address breathing pattern disorders in everyday life. You’ll also learn breathing exercises with similar effects to altitude and high-intensity training to reduce breathlessness and improve sports performance. Suitable for any fitness level from those looking to improve their everyday health to athletes wanting to improve performance.

Teach it

Are you a coach, fitness trainer or health professional who would like to become part of the growing worldwide network of certified Oxygen Advantage Instructors? Join a 3-day instructor training course in London with Patrick McKeown and Gray Caws. Gain the knowledge and experience and learn the skills to be able to deliver a programme that has the potential to change people’s lives.


Here’s some shots taken at our 2018 trainings at Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, London

Breathing is one of the most fundamental aspects of health and fitness that is often overlooked. When was the last time you, or a health professional, checked out your breathing? Have you considered that just as you can over-eat and drink too much, you can in fact breathe too much!

Chronic over-breathing is just one of the many breathing issues that will have a major effect on your exercise programme as well as your everyday life. The Oxygen Advantage Breathing® technique, backed by the latest scientific research, is an easy-to-adopt exercise programme that will address everyday breathing habits, improve your performance in exercise and sport and be beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

The technique was developed by international best-selling author, Patrick McKeown. Over the last 15 years, Patrick has trained more than 7,000 people around the world to safely challenge their bodies to produce positive change.

A switch to nasal breathing in everyday life and for up to 70% of your training programme will calm breathing volume towards normal levels and improve every facet of your health. Stress levels will decrease substantially and you’ll feel like an entirely different person. Increasing the amount of oxygen that can be delivered to your working muscles and heart during exercise will allow you to become healthier, faster, fitter and stronger.

The benefits of the Oxygen Advantage Programme

The Oxygen Advantage Programme teaches you to measure and reduce breathlessness during physical exercise and can provide the same benefits as high altitude, and high-intensity interval training. By following this programme you will

  • Become aware of any breathing pattern disorders
  • Reduce breathlessness during physical exercise
  • Learn to nose breathe in everyday life to improve oxygen uptake
  • Learn to nose breathe during exercise to improve overall performance
  • Improve your tolerance to reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide
  • Delay the onset of fatigue and lactic acid
  • Improve aerobic performance
  • Improve running economy
  • Improve VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake)
  • Improve delivery of oxygen to organs and working muscles
  • Help prevent exercise-induced asthma
  • Help maintain fitness during rest or injury
  • Improve concentration, focus and quality of sleep
  • Help maintain focus and concentration during competition

Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown is one of the world’s leading trainers of the Buteyko breathing method. For the past 11 years, he has trained over 5,000 people in reduced breathing exercises. From seriously ill asthmatics to couch potatoes, weekend warriors to Olympic athletes—he has taught a simple, fast way to transform their health, well-being, and performance. Patrick has lectured around the world and makes yearly trips teaching in the US, UK, and Australia.

Get the Oxygen Advantage through Pilates

The Oxygen Advantage is a set of simple, scientifically proven breathing techniques that have been shown to improve:

  • Sleep
  • Resilience to stress
  • Breathing patterns
  • Energy
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Fitness levels

Pilates helps to improve core strength, muscle tone, balance, posture and joint mobility. Breathing plays an important role in Pilates in that it helps you to perform the exercises with control and precision. Loliya, your Pilates coach, has taken the breathing a step further and combine Pilates with The Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques.

So in addition to the benefits of pilates you will also:

  • Learn how to nose breathe and carry that through into every day life
  • Improve your aerobic fitness without putting stress on your joints
  • Learn how to maintain fitness during rest or injury
  • Learn how to prevent exercise-induced asthma
  • Improve concentration, focus and quality of sleep

Mat Pilates Class

Mondays 8 to 9pm | Thursdays 7:30–8:30pm | £25 drop in | 10 sessions £220 

Develop strength and flexibility, improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility.

Pilates improves general fitness and wellbeing, emphasising core strength, concentration and breathing. The quality, control and flow of movement is at the heart of the practice. It can reduce your risk of injury and is also an excellent way of relieving stress and tension.

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