Personal Training

1-2-1 & Small Group personalise training


1 session per week*


  • 1 x personal training session
  • Personalised weekly programme
  • 45 min free consultation
  • Postural assessment
  • Functional breathing assessment


2 sessions per week*


  • 2 x personal training sessions
  • Personalised weekly programme
  • 45 min free consultation
  • Postural assessment
  • Functional breathing assessment



4 sessions per week*


  • 4 x personal training sessions
  • Personalised weekly programme
  • 45 min free consultation
  • Postural assessment
  • Functional breathing assessment


Pack of 24 sessions


  • 24 x personal training sessions
  • Personalised programme
  • 45 min free consultation
  • Postural assessment
  • Functional breathing assessment


Pack of 8 sessions


  • 8 x group sessions (max 4 ppl)
  • Personalised programme
  • 45 min free consultation
  • Postural assessment
  • Functional breathing assessment


Pack of 8 sessions


  • 8 x Pilates sessions
  • Personalised programme
  • 45 min free consultation
  • Postural assessment
  • Functional breathing assessment

*based on 4 weeks per month: Silver Package 4 sessions per month; Bronze 8 sessions per month; Gold 16 sessions per month. Sessions cannot be carried forwards to the following month. Platinum Package, Small Group PT and Mat Pilates are one-off purchases with one year time limit. Other options are available. Call 020 3657 9097 for details.

Looking for some great advice and motivation to improve your health and fitness?

The key to an effective training programme that really delivers results is that you enjoy it and adopt it as part of your everyday life. Only then will you see the true benefits.

Adventures In Movement coaches are specialists in: Resistance Training; Strength and Conditioning; Aerobic Fitness; Functional Movement; High Intensity Interval Training; Mat Pilates; Chi Running; Chi Walking; Oxygen Advantage Functional Breath Work; Kettlebell Training; Nutritional Therapy.

Our boutique personal training studio is based in the heart of Hornsey, north London. All 1-2-1 sessions are just you and your coach in the studio. Small group training and classes are maximum of four clients.

Our boutique personal training studio is based in the heart of Hornsey, north London. All 1-2-1 sessions are just you and your coach in the studio. Small group training and classes are maximum of four clients.

Book a free consultation

Book a free 30-minute in-person consultation at our studio or over the phone to discuss your requirements.

Packages and monthly contracts

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Select a personal training appointment time
Check availability of our trainers and book in an appointment at time that suits you. Use your contract or personal training package or book a one-off session (£70).

Personal Training

Our coaches adopt a gradual, holistic approach. We use a combination of resistance and aerobic training whilst concentrating on the foundations of efficient movement in terms of breathing, exercise technique, postural alignment, flexibility and mobility.

Coaches: Gray Caws, Lolyia Harrison


  • Increased energy levels
  • Feel fitter and stronger
  • Move better
  • Develop positive exercise habits

Your programme will include

  • Health, fitness and postural assessment
  • Breathing assessment
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Personal training programme
  • Nutritional advice


Pilates strengthens the body and improves general fitness and wellbeing with a balanced approach. Emphasis is placed on core strength, concentration and breathing. The quality, control and flow of movement is at the heart of the practice. Pilates is often used by elite athletes and dancers to complement training. It develops whole body strength and flexibility and helps reduce the risk of injury.

Coach: Lolyia Harrison


  • Improves posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility
  • Relieves stress and tension

One-to-one Pilates sessions include

  • Fitness, Health and Postural Assessment
  • Postural alignment, relaxation and balance exercises
  • Moving with control and precision
  • Development of focus, concentration and body awareness

Small-group Pilates classes (max 4 people)

You have the company and support of exercising alongside others but benefit from close supervision to ensure proper body alignment and technique.  The classes include:

  • Postural alignment, relaxation and balance exercises
  • Learning to move with control and precision
  • Concentration and body awareness

Training for a race?

If you are a runner and training for a specific race or simply want a regular monthly programme to improve form and fitness, we design programmes that integrate Chi Running focusses, The Oxygen Advantage technique and strength and conditioning into sessions. Plus we provide you with a race-specific training plan including long slow distance runs, race pace, intervals, hills, fartlek (speed play), negative splits and recovery. The emphasis throughout is on technique and gradual process – developing form then distance and finally speed. Ensuring you are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared.

Chi Running

Chi Running improves your running efficiency and reduces the risk of injury by focusing on postural alignment, relaxation and balance. Combining principles from T’ai Chi and Qigong, you’ll learn how to develop the skill of running and create a life-long enjoyable programme for fitness, health and general well-being.

Coach: Gray Caws


  • Improved breathing
  • Improved body awareness
  • Improved posture
  • Improved energy levels
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Speed with ease
  • Re-gain the enjoyment of running outdoors in all weathers

Chi Running sessions include

  • Video observation (outdoors)
  • Postural alignment, relaxation and balance assessment and exercises
  • Efficient breathing and reduced breathlessness with the Oxygen Advantage technique
  • How to work with gravity and ground force to create fluid, efficient forward momentum
  • Easy transition from walk to run
  • How to avoid heavy heel-strike and over-striding
  • The importance of the upper body
  • Mind-body connection and whole body integration
  • Optimal cadence (strides per minute)
  • Increased speed through ‘free’ energy and relaxation
  • Pre-run body looseners as preparation for training post run cool down
  • A mindful approach to enjoyable running

Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage Breathing Programme has been developed by Patrick McKeown who has worked as a Buteyko breathing practitioner for over 15 years. The technique first addresses every-day breathing pattern disorders, such as chronic hyperventilation, before introducing exercises that deliver similar benefits as HIIT, HISS and high-altitude training to improve sports performance.

This programme is also suited to one-to-one session via Skype.

Coach: Gray Caws


  • Delays the onset of fatigue and lactic acid
  • Improves aerobic performance
  • Improves VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake)
  • Improves delivery of oxygen to organs and working muscles
  • Reduces breathlessness during physical exercise
  • Prevents exercise-induced asthma
  • Helps maintain fitness during rest or injury
  • Improves focus and concentration

Oxygen Advantage sessions include

  • Breathing assessment
  • Postural assessment
  • An understanding of the science behind efficient breathing
  • Bespoke exercise programme based on current tollerance to CO2
  • Relaxation techniques

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy applies nutritional science to promote health, peak performance and individual care. Our Nutritional Therapist uses a range of tools to assess and identify potential imbalances and how these contribute to symptoms and health concerns. This approach addresses nutritional balance and helps support the body maintain health. It is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking to enhance their health and wellbeing.

You will get a tailored programme to help transform your relationship with food, achieve goals and manage dietary-based chronic complaints. We advise what to eat and support you to make changes.

Nutritional Therapist: Lolyia Harrison


  • Improved energy levels
  • Weight management (if desired)
  • Address dietary related health concerns
  • Develop positive healthy eating habits

Package of 12 weeks includes

  • 1 x 90 mins tailored initial consultation and health assessment and goal setting
  • Personalised nutritional programmes and dietary analysis
  • Fitness advice
  • 2 x 60 mins follow-up consultations (usually about one month apart)
  • Regular email check-ins to support you to develop new lifestyle and dietary habits.

Lab tests and supplements, if needed, will be an additional cost.

Mat Pilates Class

Mondays 8 to 9pm | Thursdays 7:30–8:30pm | £25 drop in | 10 sessions £220 

Develop strength and flexibility, improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility.

Pilates improves general fitness and wellbeing, emphasising core strength, concentration and breathing. The quality, control and flow of movement is at the heart of the practice. It can reduce your risk of injury and is also an excellent way of relieving stress and tension.

Meet the team

Specialist areas: Chi Running & Walking, Oxygen Advantage Breathing Method, Buteyko Breathing practitioner, kettlebells, body-weight strength & conditioning, functional movement through play.

I discovered a passion for health and fitness in 2004. After struggling with niggles and injuries when running, I attended a workshop with Chi Running founder Danny Dreyer in 2010. This encouraged me to qualify as a Certified Chi Running Instructor. I also went on to qualified as a Personal Trainer, Master Kettlebell Coach, Specialist Exercise Coach (Management of Lower Back Pain).

In 2014 I was appointed Master Instructor and Director of Chi Running UK & Ireland, responsible for the management of Chi Running across this region. Looking to develop my skill-set further, in 2016 I trained as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor with Patrick McKeown. I became the first UK Certified Instructor, teaching a programme of breathing exercises that help address every-day breathing pattern disorders alongside improving sports performance. In 2018 I trained with Patrick in the Buteyko Breathing method, upon which the Oxygen Advantage is based.  

I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis and also hold regular workshops in London, across the UK and Europe. I also train new instructors in the Chi Running and Oxygen Advantage methods. My current personal practice includes kettlebells and body-weight strength training to complement a marathon-maintenance running programme.

I enjoy running marathons and half marathons with my first venture into ultras at the Royal Parks Ultra Marathon back in 2014.

Gray Caws

Adventures In Movement Director & Coach

Specialist areas: Personal Training, Pilates, Nutritional Therapist, Sports and Soft Tissue Massage, Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise.

I have a long-standing interest in health and fitness. My journey started in my teenage years when I ran for my county. I also developed a keen interest in how the body works and how nutrition supports health. I took a degree in Physiology and Nutrition and later became a Nutritional Therapist.  As I have developed and matured so has my approach to exercise. I am a Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist, a Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher. An emphasis on technique, optimum nutrition, active recovery and adequate rest has helped me to feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. I can help you become a more effective and confident exerciser with an all-around approach to help the body move better.

Lolyia Harrison

Personal Trainer, Pilates Coach, Nutritional Therapist

Specialist areas: REPs level 4 Specialist Professional with Exercise Referral and Lower Back Care qualifications.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve worked with a wide spectrum of clients, with a variety of problems to overcome, and goals to achieve. I’ve become familiar with almost all the equipment and gadgets within the world of fitness and exercise. It has been a pleasure not only to assist people in taking a journey to better health and physiology, but to share with them my excitement and satisfaction that comes with learning physical control and movement.

You only get one body, use it, play with it, and enjoy it.

I have a keen interest in biomechanics and the way forces load and react on the body. The three dimensional spiders web of bones, muscles and fascia are the keys to comprehending and improving movement and strength. I encourage my clients to understand their own bodies, through self awareness, and a tactile sense of response to the difference between altering the body to accomplish different activities.

Whether you are simply looking to lose weight or symptoms of pain, or training to play sports or trek in the Himalayas, learning how to move with greater control of your strength and fitness are critical tools.

Luke Rose

Specialist Personal Trainer

Where we are

Sessions are arranged outdoors or in the studio. Studio-based training sessions are held at:

The Adventures Studio @ One Yoga London
15 Myddelton Road
London N8 7PY

National Rail: Hornsey (plus 7-minute walk)
Tube: Turnpike Lane (plus short 144 bus ride to Myddelton Road stop)
Bus: 144 from Turnpike Lane or Muswell Hill (to Myddelton Road stop)
Car: On street parking (check local signage for weekday restrictions)

The Adventures Studio @ One Yoga London

Our programmes are systematically developed following a simple three-step approach



Create space in your life to dedicate to practice. It is important to set time aside for yourself. Find space in mind and body to allow things to happen.



Learn common sense techniques. There will always be a reason why we ask you to do something. Focus on awareness and body sensing.



Keep it simple. New trends and ideas come and go, some work others don't. Keep it simple to ensure a common sense approach.


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