Mat Pilates

One-to-One and Small Group Classes

Mat Pilates Class

Thursdays | 7:30–8:30pm | £25 drop in
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Mat Pilates Class 10 Pack

Thursdays | 7:30–8:30pm | £22 a session
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Monthly training plans

Choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 training sessions per week. Sessions can be solely Pilates based or also include resistance training, functional movement, kettlebell training, Chi Running, Oxygen Advantage as required. Make sure you choose Loliya as your trainer if you want to include Pilates sessions.

1-2-1 Pilates

£70 a session
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Pilates strengthens the body and improves general fitness and wellbeing with a balanced approach. Emphasis is placed on core strength, concentration and breathing. The quality, control and flow of movement is at the heart of the practice.

Pilates is often used by elite athletes and dancers to complement training. It develops whole body strength and flexibility and helps reduce the risk of injury.

Pilates emphasises core strength, concentration and breathing. And is an excellent way of relieving stress and tension.

Regular Pilates practice can help

  • improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility
  • relieve stress and tension.

1 2 1 Pilates includes

  • Fitness, Health and Postural Assessment
  • Postural alignment, relaxation and balance exercises
  • Moving with control and precision
  • Development of focus, concentration and body awareness

Small group Pilates classes

You have the company and support of exercising alongside others but benefit from close supervision to ensure proper body alignment and technique. The classes include:

  • Postural alignment, relaxation and balance exercises
  • Learning to move with control and precision
  • Concentration and body awareness

Your Pilates Coach

Specialist areas: Personal Training, Pilates, Nutritional Therapist, Sports and Soft Tissue Massage, Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise.

I have a long-standing interest in health and fitness. My journey started in my teenage years when I ran for my county. I also developed a keen interest in how the body works and how nutrition supports health. I took a degree in Physiology and Nutrition and later became a Nutritional Therapist.  As I have developed and matured so has my approach to exercise. I am a Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist, a Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher. An emphasis on technique, optimum nutrition, active recovery and adequate rest has helped me to feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. I can help you become a more effective and confident exerciser with an all-around approach to help the body move better.

Lolyia Harrison

Adventures In Movement Coach