The H Factor: A Specialist Workshop for Women

How Hormones affect Women's Running & Fitness

The H Factor: Online Course

Launches 1 December
from £240

Check out this short video introduction to the workshop

with Anjlee Bakrania & Gray Caws


Learn simple drills, exercises and visualisations to encourage optimal running economy, reduce the risk of injury and improve overall health.


This course will look at specific hormonal and biomechanical factors that affect the female runner. You’ll gain an understanding of the functional role of the pelvic core. And look at the importance of balance, mobility, and stability by incorporating Chi Running principles into your training.


The course is essential for female runners, health professionals, coaches, personal trainers of any fitness level.


Topics covered


  • A brief history of women’s running
  • Hormonal factors affecting the female runner
  • Optimal breathing 24/7
  • Exploring postural alignment, relaxation & balance
  • Practical relaxation
  • The pelvic core and its functional role
  • Advice on training programmes geared towards the female runner
  • Practical video demos of simple drills and exercises to improve posture, balance and breathing




Anjlee Bakrania is part of the Pure Dynamic Osteopathy team with expertise in Cranial Osteopathy and Naturopathy. She specialises in the treatment of pregnant women, young children, and babies. Anjlee incorporates both Cranial Osteopathy and Naturopathy into her treatments. Anjlee also has experience of working abroad in a pediatric Osteopathic clinic in New Zealand in 2010.

Gray Caws is a master Chi Running coach, Oxygen Advantage reduced breathing technique instructor and personal trainer. Gray aims to empower people to take charge of their health and improve life through mindful movement and breathing focuses.

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