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Workshops, Courses & Classes

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Looking for a new challenge?

It’s often difficult to keep energised and inspired. We know it’s important to be fit and healthy but sometimes we just don’t feel enough motivation to stay on top of a fitness programme. Doing the same thing week in week out can leave you bored and demotivated. Do you feel like it’s time stop, take a breath and re-evaluate?

A workshop, course or new class will motivate you, give you the opportunity to learn something new or deepen an existing skill, giving you the additional tools to take control and develop your fitness programme. 

Learn a new skill and become more aware of how the mind and body work. Check out our upcoming events covering topics from improving your running form, efficient breathing, Mat Pilates, HIIT & HISS training to a yoga triathlon combining Chi Running, yoga and meditation and a Chi Run Club.

I just wanted to say thank you for a great workshop. Since then, I have been slowly building up my practice (from never having run before) and have even registered for my first 5K run! I’ve found that the breathing and keeping everything centred… has made the world of difference and transformed what I originally perceived as a rather boring, strenuous sport into a moving meditative process.


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